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What is PamFax? A short introduction:

PamFax is the easiest way to send and receive faxes worldwide at attractive rates without installing any hardware. You can use PamFax from a Microsoft Windows PC (Windows 2000 or better), Mac OS X (10.2 or better) or on most Linux systems (based on Debian or RPM), e.g. Ubuntu or openSUSE or from Android. PamFax has the following:

  • NO minimum monthly purchase
  • NO minimum monthly purchase
  • NO advertising
  • NO hidden costs
  • NO cost for fax reception
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Other Key Features:

Facebook integration

If you are using Facebook regularly, you should really install the free PamFax application for Facebook. It allows you to easily send faxes and access your history and in-box directly from Facebook.

Salesforce integration

If you are using Salesforce we have a PamFax application which you can use to access PamFax from Salesforce directly. Access your PamFax history and send faxes to any of your contacts in Salesforce with one click.

Windows integration

The Windows Desktop Gadget shows your last five faxes on your Windows7 desktop (or in your Windows Vista Sidebar) and lets you start sending a new fax with one click. You can drop files via drag&drop to start a new fax with this file. It also allows you to automatically print all incoming faxes.

PamFax Company manager dashboard

If you are using PamFax in a company environment we provide the PamFax Company manager dashboard. This is a free service which allows you to centrally manage your PamFax user group. E.g. you can purchase PamFax Credit and then allocate PamFax credit for your employees (even automated when your employees credit is running low). You can also give your employees access to the fax in-box in addition to access to transactional data and invoices.

PamFax API

The PamFax API is a way to use PamFax from other applications and systems. The API is free to use and provides full access to all PamFax functions from other applications. Embed PamFax functionality in your solution and increase fax efficiency.

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Why PamFax?

  • 3 FREE pages after sign up
  • FREE fax number*
  • NO monthly cost
  • NO credit card required to sign up
  • Attractive per page pricing
  • NO advertising on any fax
  • Very easy to use, try now!

(*) Where available, 3 months trial plan

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PamFax offers cool and unique features:

  • Attractive rates starting as low as £0.06 (incl. 19% VAT)
  • Free to join
  • New users get 3 free pages to test PamFax!
  • PamFax is available for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Android
  • Built in support for Dropbox, and Google Documents
  • Professional and Basic Plans include personal fax number
  • Fax reception is free and unlimited
  • Send multiple documents in one fax
  • Send to multiple fax recipients in one fax
  • Use PamFax optionally with Skype
  • Access PamFax on your computer or via your web browser
  • PamFax Portal: access your in-box, history and send faxes from any web browser
  • Freedom of choice how you wish to pay for your fax
  • SSL secure ¨ your fax data is encrypted
  • No subscriptions, no additional cost, no hidden costs and no advertising
  • Instant status notifications via Skype Chat, E-Mail and/or SMS
  • Send any document you want, PamFax supports more than 100 formats
  • Put your name and fax number in the fax header
  • Free social integration, access PamFax from Facebook, Salesforce or via a Windows Gadget
  • Scanner support. Send from single and multi-feed scanners
  • Cover pages (several choices)
  • Preview your fax before sending
  • See recipient‘s location in Google Maps
  • Microsoft Office 2007/2010 integration
  • And a lot more so give PamFax a try now
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